I wanted to again thank you for your brilliant work on the GT3 RS. You were able to diagnose a problem that I didn’t know it had – and that the dealer had been unable to figure out. That I would bring a car under warranty to you rather than the dealer speaks volumes about the quality of your work.  I am grateful not only for your care of my newer cars, but also for all your terrific work on the older ones - on the ‘89 930, the ‘97 993 Turbo S, the various early 911s and the ‘58 356 rally car and the ‘60 Roadster – even the 71 280SL. -Steven

I just wanted to thank you for a job well done. The new clutch you installed in my  2001 BMW 530i feels like the day I bought it. As always great work. -Jayne

When looking for an auto mechanic you want someone who is honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable and dependable, JSS Performance is all of that and more!  They are your neighborhood mechanic who goes the extra “mile.”  They won’t let you do unnecessary work on your car just to take your money—honest, trustworthy—they are familiar with all aspects of all makes and models—knowledgeable—they are there when you need them and sometimes will even drive you home—dependable. I have been their customer for more than three years and I highly recommend using their services! -Eddie

As the “car guy” among my circle of friends, I am often asked for references for reliable repair shops.  After many years of biting my lip and shrugging my shoulders in response, I am happy to say that (finally) I can confidently recommend a competent, capable and trustworthy shop.  It is refreshing to see someone who still possesses the increasingly rare diagnostic capabilities to track down the root cause of a problem, rather than the ever more common “replace stuff until it works” methodology. -Marco

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